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Dog Hoarder
I guess I've acquired the reputation of being a dog hoarder. In the past month I've been asked if I was getting another puppy soon, huh? I had Cru at the RAT trial last weekend and someone else thought he was my dog, huh? Granted, 4 dogs is a lot of dogs for just me but I think all 4 have a great quality of life and get a lot of attention. Just not sure how the perception got out that I am a dog hoarder. I'm certainly not the type of owner who would test a dog for a bit and pass the dog on if it doesn't meet my expectations for whatever I think I need. I'll also confess that I LOVE dogs. I love dogs and all that they do for us. We train and ask them to perform completely unnatural tasks just because we have decided that said tasks are FUN. Agility in a crazy noisy stressful environment is supposed to be FUN. Visiting sick kids at the hospital is supposed to be FUN. Doing a directed retrieve with a ton of people watching is supposed to be FUN. Dogs rock, that is all. They do whatever we ask of them because they have good souls. My dogs never cease to amaze me, I'm appreciative of all that they are willing to do, and if I'm perceived as a dog hoarder I just think that there are way worse addictions to have.

I did run Cru last weekend. He's another amazing dog, I feel completely comfortable running him and am grateful that I am trusted to do so. Got his second GP q, I think he's all set for Cynosport now. My dogs did great as well. I am so past outcome expectations at this point in my life that I just go out and enjoy the ride. These creatures just blow my mind, that is all.

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Wow, a dog hoarder with 4? You might old the record for smallest hoard ever.

I guess that makes me a dog hoarder too. :-) And yes, I am constantly amazed at what our dogs do for us, happily and willingly. Truly amazing creatures they are!

Your dogs lead an exceptionally good life. I don't feel guilty or self conscious about the number of dogs I own, I do find it amusing that the public perception is that multiple dog ownership is something negative. Perhaps not normal but not so abnormal either.

dogs are the BEST, no wonder you want to hoard them all for yourself.

Right? Think of all the crazy things we ask them to do.

Wow, if you're a dog hoarder that must make me a serial killer. ;-) There are very few people I see in agility that are having as much pure fun as you and your dogs - I love that you love agility for agility!

Thanks, that's quite the compliment from you as my dogs think you are the queen of fun.

Well.... I didn't want to say anything but....

One of my favorite things about the LJ community is their love and appreciation and wonder for the essence of dog. We just got our fourth dog and hubby is already talking about another one. Right now 4 is plenty.

With a puppy that cute who couldn't resist getting another dog :)

Awww thanks. We have dreams of a border collie farm someday.

Meanwhile, back in the real world..."you have THREE dogs?" I just shut up about the chickens.

I vaguely remember the days when I owned only one or two dogs. As for the chickens, I'm always telling the bcs that the chickens are way more useful pets.

I'll stop telling people you are a hoarder 😂 Yes, our pups are truly amazing!

You get to call me a hoarder because you're the one that gets stuck watching all of my dogs.


ALL these dogs are now yours... Yep, including the blue one that eats poop. Congrats.

Cru looked amazing this weekend (as did all the dogs you were running). That boy is a freight train!

HA. Watching well socialized dogs just be relaxed and hang out brings a big smile to my face. Wait, maybe I do have a problem.

hahahaha she's going to have to pay you money so that this doesn't get out on social media

Wouldn't change the public perception of me, since I am a dog hoarder.

I hope one day I get to meet your dog hoard and see all the horrible the things you do to them.

Yes, please come for a visit and take some dogs back with you. Imported dogs seem to all the rage these days.

She puts CRAZY HATS on them! I know! I've seen it.... It's horrible really.

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