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Where is everybody?
I took the day off of work yesterday because it was my birthday. I always try to take my birthday off because it just seems wrong to be at work on one's birthday. It was proclaimed Geezer Day so I medicated Gus heavily so that he could run and took Gus and Lucy to the beach. Mid afternoon on a Friday, I figured the beach would be crowded but it was completely empty. I guess everyone thought that everyone was going to be at the beach so no one was there? The weather was perfect so it was a lovely day at the beach. I have a feeling that Gus won't be able to run by my next birthday, or he might not even be around, so the mission was to get him out doing what he loves most.


I figured that the entry would be lower for the WTT this weekend, but where are all the small dogs? That class is shrinking rapidly. It's never been the biggest class but the number of entries used to fill a page. There aren't very many midi dogs either. I'm not surprised that half of the dogs are from California, but there are a lot of top teams missing from the tryout. I wonder if the EO tryout remains separate and with minimal qualification standards that we will continue to see the same kind of numbers. Oh well, will probably try and catch some of the VOD later today, the courses should be excellent.

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An un-crowded hike with my dogs sounds like the PERFECT birthday! and I agree that one should not work on their birthdays, but when they show up on a Tuesday or whatever, sometimes it just can't be helped. ;)

Gus looks amazing. Seriously. He looks 8! and I'm so glad he got to do fun stuff with you.

Happy Birthday pal. And many many more.


(will you be at the regional?)

No skipping the regional again this year. Have fun!

That was a nice birthday present to have the beach to yourself!

Given that most teams have to fly to tryouts not matter where they are, let alone fly to Europe if they make the team, it is curious why many teams didn't make the trip to CA.

I can see why the EO team members wouldn't try out, that would be a lot of traveling to Europe.

Happy Gus! And Happy Birthday!

I'm also surprised the small dog class seems to be shrinking, while the large dog class grows. The heights are staying the same, I wonder if dogs in general are just getting bigger?

Good point, there does seem to be a paucity of small shelties and PRTs that usually dominate the small dog class.

I also wonder if people sort of play the odds as far as which international team to try out for. AWC chooses 4+1 people/height while EO seems to choose half the people. Although it is so easy to fly small dogs...

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