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2016 FMBB World Championships
I've found the courses at this year's 2016 WAO to be not very interesting. Last year's courses looked like more fun, this year it looks more like Snooker. Multiple courses where the dogs have to bypass obstacles without the handler being able to create a suitable line for the dog to do so. I really don't mind courses where the dogs need to bypass obstacles, but I don't think that courses which require the dogs to essentially heel pass an obstacle are very fun. A few teams got through without losing speed but there were a lot of off courses. Having abandoned all viewing of the WAO, I started watching the 2016 FMBB World Championships instead (all belgians in multiple events, Mondio, protection, obedience, agility, cani-cross and cani-cross with mountain bikes). It's the Belgian olympic games. Now that event looks like fun, the agility was world class and on FCI courses. I really enjoyed watching this video, highly recommend watching from 3:30 to around 8:30. The dog fails his retrieve, probably because of the horrible weather conditions, and you can see the wave of emotion flood over the handler's face. The handler uses the next three exercises to build the dog's confidence back and they finish off strong. Great example of how to treat your dog from one of the best Mondio trainers in the world. Thinking I might need to start looking for another belgian and try this out sometime. Doesn't require running around so it might be the next dog activity.

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Does in ever NOT rain for major outdoor events in Europe?! That was awesome to watch. I just love outdoor dog sports. The end of agility for me was much easier to decide when everything moved indoors.

I love Belgians. I grew up with Tervs and had a French Terv who was very sweet but not so intelligent. Mals are a whole different dog beast! You should get another one so I can cheer you on! 😊

I didn't know you grew up with Tervs! Yes, would be another Malinois, but it will be a very long search and probably an import. I really like Tervs and Groenendaels but the coat would be too much for me.

Not to mention their jumping problems (Tervs). Our US tervs were beautiful jumpers, our French imports, not so much.

Mals are a wonderful breed for me to admire so I vote you get one. And yes, an import, I have seen lovely imports! I don't know how they are to live with though.

Lexi and I:

What a great picture, thanks for sharing it.

My dream dog has been a Belgian. But if I got one, it'd be the only dog I'd have, so I could focus on that intensity!

Question: do you know why there were so many people in the ring in the video? I get the padded guys and a judge, but it seemed like there were at least three or four other people.

Many of the obedience exercises are done in a "crowd". Some of the stays and heeling are done with extreme distractions, with a lot of people walking around, it's very different from classic obedience competition.

Hmmm. I saw one person drop food in front of the dog during a stay and the field did look cluttered with all sorts of stuff. I felt bad about the dog's retrieve, it seemed scared of the person. But it had no problem griping those other guys. I was impressed. Do people do this in the US? I've heard of "dog sport". How does it compare?

Yes, Mondioring is competed in the US. Dogsport is like Onofrio, a resource for all of the different dog sports in Europe.

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