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Gusventure 2017
I love the beaches in the PNW. Wide swaths of uninhabited sand. I thought there would be more people at the beach this weekend, but it was a bit chilly so that probably kept the New Year's partiers away. Gus is my only dog that truly loves the beach. He doesn't swim any longer but that is probably a good thing. I walked the dogs separately so I could get some exercise. Gus lasted about 10 minutes and I had to carry him back to the car. At least he appeared to realize that he was at the beach. I'm guessing he would be just as happy at home and sleeping, but bringing him to his favorite places makes me feel better about him getting old. Would have been nice to get some pictures with my real camera but I forgot to charge the battery, oops. At least I had the GoPro with me.


Merlin, sort of posing:


Lucy, who still runs a lot at the beach, hence this fabulous picture:


The birthday dog, Konane. Since there is such a huge delay on the GoPro one can never be sure about what the camera will capture, but this was the lucky shot for the day. I didn't realize the water was reflecting the sky:


Konane turns six today. It's kind of hard to believe that she is six already. Time flies by so quickly, particularly for the dogs. I think both of the bitches have the best approach to life, carpe diem baby, bring it on 2017.



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wow look at all that beach all to yourselves! Wonderful.
Happy New Years & Kona Bday.

I know! We scored, the weather was nasty at home but perfect at the beach.

And clear! (or at least clear-ish). Happy Birthday K.

Yes, in January? We'll take it.

Good for the bday girl.

Gus is just as cute as ever!!!

Love me a happy old dog smile - hugs to Gus!

Wasn't Kona just a puppy? I am glad you had a good day at the beach. The clouds reflecting are beautiful!

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