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Gusventure 2017
I wanted to get the dogs back to the beach before the playoff game today. The weather is supposed to be bad for us tonight but it was clear early this morning so off we went. Gus looked so happy it brought a smile to my frozen face. The only problem with the beach in the winter is that cars are allowed on the beach until April. There is always some idiot that tries to drive 50 mph on the water, the others just park their cars and sit in the cars at the beach. Really, are you so lazy you can't even get out of your car? Why are you at the beach if you aren't going to bother getting out of your car? One guy must have slept in his car because the tires were pretty deep in the sand, I'm sure he got stuck but I wasn't going to wake the guy up. People are so strange. Gus looked like he knew he was at the beach this time, he did get knocked over by a tiny little wave and I had to help him up but he made it back to the car on his own.


Got pictures of Lucy this week since last week's were non existent. She's going to be 11 in April, I'm so thrilled with how she looks.


The younger two found something delightful to roll in, too bad I can't do scratch and sniff for this blog, it was just amazing. We had to stop at a self wash place on the way home.

Next weekend we will seek out some snow because there is none around here anywhere.

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Remember you only need to watch the last 1/2 hour ☺. The kids look so happy!

Good for Gus! he certainly looks happy about his trips. Lucy... lucy looks CRAZED! LOL

They both look great!

I am very grateful that you can't do scratch and sniff; I have enough of those incidents of my own ;) Great pics <3

Geez 11! Lucy looks fantastic

I'll pass on the scratch and sniff.  Dogs look like they had a good time!

I've never gotten the drive on the beach thing either, unless it's a dune buggy or something just for a moment. But sitting in a car, on the beach, instead of being on the sand, yeah, I don't get that.

Those are some seriously happy beach dogs!

I don't get driving on the beach.

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